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Harvesting Since 1880
Fast. Reliable. Efficient. Legendary.

The Leader in Yield Retention


Geringhoff® is more than just a brand of harvesting equipment, more than just steel and hydraulics, it’s the name that represents the confidence of farming professionals. Efficient, reliable, responsive and legendary.

We’ve been a trusted partner of some of the world’s best since 1880, and we’ve recorded some great achievements along the way. Geringhoff’s first chopping corn head was designed in 1962 when we mounted lawn mower blades under the row unit. In 1997 we advanced this decades old technology with our patented Rota Disc stalk destruction system. 

In 2005 we launched the NorthStar model. Designed with the belief that superior quality of all components will provide solid performance in the field, the NorthStar knife roll corn head quickly established Geringhoff as North America’s fastest growing agricultural brand. 

Our current generation of heads are a culmination of 130 plus years of constantly establishing higher standards, and innovative yield retention technology. The Elite Series of Geringhoff cornheads are designed to work as hard as you do, with industry leading reliability and performance. 

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