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Rota Disc Elite XL
The Ultimate Harvest Experience


Success must be built upon a solid foundation. The Geringhoff Elite XL Series was created upon the form and function of an advanced aircraft. Durability and flow were forged alongside the concepts of lighter weight and superior longevity. The Elite Series offers an exceptionally smooth and quiet running system, despite it's fierce appetite during harvest.

The Elite XL Series also features Geringhoff's exclusive Integrated Crop Flow system; 6 standard features and two optional features that when combined offer the world's finest harvesting experience. With all the Elite XL Series features in place, changing field conditions won't stop you from bringing in your crop on your terms. 


Stalks are aggressively fed into the Rota Disc and are continuously transported rearward while being pulled down through the stalk destruction system. Durable cutting discs create small pieces uniquely exposed by a 25 degree cut and a vertical slice to the remaining stalk. The effectiveness of this well engineered process is not reduced by an increase in ground speed. The Rota Disc system draws a mere 2.5-3.0 additional horsepower per row to complete the stalk destruction. 

This unique design will speed you through harvest and leave a distinctly processed field behind. The stalks will be vertically sliced, shredded and evenly distributed, ready for rapid decomposition. The Rota Disc is recognized as the industry’s most efficient stalk destruction corn header. 

Maximize your harvest potential with the outstanding quality and superior performance of the Rota Disc. Experience reduced fuel consumption, reduced downtime and fewer maintenance requirements. Geringhoff owners consistently rank their machines as a major contributor to increased yields as the entire machine is designed to minimize kernel loss and efficiently deliver more cobs to the combine feeder house.

True Vertical Stalk Destruction

  • Stalk chopping integrated with harvesting process
  • Extensive, self sharpening cutting edge
  • No dust created while shredding stalks
  • Remaining stump processed and sliced
  • Clean row units, no wrapping
  • Avoid tire damage created by lawn mower blade systems
  • Uniform distribution of shredded material
  • Minimum wear on parts
  • Low operating cost, Minimal maintenance
  • Vertical slice to accelerate decomposition
  • Low weight and few moving parts
  • Exceptional stripping performance
  • Reduced power demand, SAFE!

Horsepower Requirements

The Rota Disc system requires considerably less horsepower resulting in reduced fuel consumption and substantially less wear on the combine. An increase in harvesting speed does not increase the Rota Disc horsepower demand. Lawn mower style choppers require substantially more horsepower. 

Residue Size

The Rota Disc system consistently processes the majority of stalk remnants to less than 4" in length. Compare this to the lawn mower style choppers that primarily process stalks to only 10" in length or more. 

Finely Chopped Residue

The interior of the stalk is exposed for faster decomposition and quicker decay. 

Exploded Stalk

Notice how the ground stalk looks exploded. This creates conditions for accelerated stalk decomposition and reduced wear on your combine and tractor tires. 


Clean Looking Field

Rota Disc stalks are primarily shredded into 4"-8" pieces and consistently distributed to allow even deterioration throughout the field.

Row Units

Geringhoff sets the standard for high performance with low horsepower demand. The design concept of the Rota Disc is unique and considered the most advanced in the industry.

Don't leave yield in the field. The Rota Disc has been engineered to provide exceptional performance in the most adverse conditions such as down corn and tough BT corn stalks.

Featuring a low profile design, large diameter lower sprockets on the gathering chains, hydraulic stripper plates, and long flat divider points, the Rota Disc provides outstanding crop retrieval and a smooth passage of the plant, minimizing crop loss and putting more bushels in your bin.

Row Unit - Top

1. Poly Return Sprocket

  • High density lightweight design
  • Reduces wear on gathering chain
  • Increased diameter for greater exposure to crop
  • Efficient gear ratio to bottom drive sprocket
  • Exceptional picking characteristics 

2. Automatic Chain Tensioner

  • Eliminates excessive chain wear
  • Chain tension regulated automatically
  • Automatic compression resists chain damage from foreign objects
  • No screws to adjust

3. Beveled Drive Sprocket

  • One of three components of the gathering chain slip clutch
  • Extends chain life by allowing free movement when obstructed
  • Works in conjunction with the automatic chain tensioner and internal gearbox slip clutch
  • Proven by over 20 years of use 

4. Gathering Chains

  • Heaviest gathering chain on the market
  • Unique posi-loc lug design effectively gathers stalk
  • Exceptional functionality and durability 

5. Double Acting Automatic Hydraulic Deck Plates

  • Regulated at any time from the operators seat
  • Fewer moving parts
  • Easy to clean and low maintenance
  • No freezing in cold weather
  • In cab digital monitor indicates the shaft speed and stripper plate positioning
  • Design and additional wear edges minimize kernel loss
  • Wide mouth and rounded stripping edges minimize crop damage
  • On the go adjustment to maintain optimum performance while minimizing cob loss further increasing your yields

Row Unit - Bottom

6. Hardened spiral rolls

  • Aggressive design pulls stalks in from any angle

7. Stationary Knife and Stubble Cutter

  • Active carbide cutting edge works with the stationary knife to tear the stalks from the ground to initiate the picking process
  • No compression effect like other systems that can cause excessive wear
  • Creates a picking system that is independent of the ground speed
  • Guaranteed stubble cut create short ragged stalk for quick decay
  • Stationary knife is adjustable to maintain a tight tolerance and minimize wear
  • Avoids blunt stalks which can damage tires 

8. Picking Rollers

  • Three intermeshed rollers aligned to vertically shred stalks
  • Engineered to create a self sharpening action on cutting discs
  • Efficiently processes stalks with low horsepower demand
  • 100% of harvested material is processed to destruction

 9. Single Component Design

  • The only row unit without a frame
  • All components are secured around the gearbox
  • Excellent access for service 

10. Vine Cutter

  • Prevents wrap of tough material
  • Minimizes excessive wear and damage to other components 

11. Roller Bushings

  • Poly lined bushings separate Rota Discs for quick and simple replacement or rotation 

12. Trash Deflector

  • Assists with even distribution of trash throughout the field
  • Reduces occasion of trash windrows and bunching

Row Units Continued

13. Shredding Discs

  • Carbide tipped discs engineered to perfection
  • Slices and shreds collected stalks
  • Exceptionally long lasting, maintains sharp edge
  • Not subject to damage or breakage by rocks and debris
  • Avoids the risk of “projectile” lawn mower blade design

14. Aluminum Gearbox

  • “Bullet proof” reliability, design proven by over a decade of use
  • Protection and drive on every row unit, internal slip clutch
  • Lightweight
  • Minimal maintenance (500 hour oil change)


ICF System

Time is money, especially when it comes to running harvest equipment. Geringhoff's new Integrated Crop Flow System is designed to increase your harvesting speed while reducing shatter and cob losses. You'll reduce the hours spent behind the controls of your combine and maximize the profitability of your harvest in all field conditions.

Six standard features work together with two optional features to create the ideal environment for optimal crop flow and maximum yield potential. Choose all eight for the ultimate harvest experience.

Max Flow Trough

Advanced genetics and yield increases have created new demands on the header's crop flow and capacity characteristics. Reducing cob bounce and shatter, as well as efficiently moving trash, are the achievements of the Elite XL Series massive auger trough.

Variable Auger Positioning

Adjustable for Different Conditions

Conditions can differ from field to field, or from morning to night. The ICF auger height adjustment permits easy modification of the auger profile to the trough. You have the power to adapt your machine to your conditions.

Roller Chains

Tough and Reliable

Aggressive yet gentle feeding, Geringhoff offers the industry's toughest gathering chains. Nine posi-loc lugs create an efficient and durable transfer of the crop from field to stripper plate. Tremendous reliability and unrivaled performance acre after acre.

Auger Pitch

Elite XL headers offer a swift and efficient transfer of your crop. The varied pitch of the fins gently moves your yield along the outer wings then increases flow as material advances towards the feeder house. The auger's balanced combination of pitch, paddle, size, and speed reduces fluff build up, maximizes your yield and reduces operator fatigue.

Adjustable Deck Plates

The Elite XL operator has full control over the positioning of the ICF System deck plates. Controlled from within the cab, the deck plate monitor advises current gap settings and allows one touch adjustment on the go. Proven reliability in the toughest conditions over tens of thousands of acres, year after year.

Poly Angle Adjustment

Geringhoff's poly angle can be easily adapted to your specific needs. Fine tune the angle of your snouts to match crop conditions. Simply turn the adjustment knob to achieve infinitely variable adjustments without the need for tools.

ICF Sweeper

Rely on the ICF Sweeper to power you through even the toughest conditions when all others have come to a halt. Substantially increase speeds and yield in any condition and reduce your combine hours up to 50%. An integrated design offers a clean, sleek appearance with convenient fore/ aft and up/down adjustments at the touch of a button. Detaches quickly if you prefer but you’ll learn that an ICF Sweeper is the future of corn harvest.

End Row Augers

Proven to enhance feeding and be more efficient than any end row shield, the optional Elite XL End Row Augers create confidence in any tough or tall crop conditions. In-cab control reduces crop loss as well as bunching and lodging.


Save time by folding instead of hauling

Gain capacity and save time with a Rota Disc folding corn head. Today's larger class combines demand the capacity that can only be offered by 12, 16, or 18 row headers. The obvious challenges are trying to move down the road with an oversize implement, or the traditional labor and time intensive procedure of dismounting your header from the combine and having it towed when traveling on roadways. 

Increase your combine's capacity, save time and make transport safer. Geringhoff offers folding models ranging from four rows to the world's largest 18 row 30" model. With the folding procedure controlled from inside the cab, you'll feel more confident about what's over the next hill or around the next curve while transporting. 

Folding Components

PTO -Both the PTO and auger drives engage with an oversize, spring loaded dog clutch allowing engagement of the drive without slipping or jumping of the drives.  

Poly Fold - An automated folding sequence allows the poly to fold independently on the inside section to further decrease the transport width. 

Cab Control - Utilizing existing hydraulic and in cab controls, the entire folding procedure is done from within cab of the combine.

Aluminum Gearbox

Powering the Elite XL Series is a maintenance free sealed oil gearbox, which utilizes an internal self adjusting slip clutch to protect all moving parts of the row unit. Designed to be as relentless as the people who use it, these gearboxes are ready for the demanding challenges you send its way. So bring it on.

Drive Hub

The Geringhoff system eliminates undue stress on the bearings and drive mechanism of each row unit. A positive transfer of power and torque across the entire machine is created with the flex plate row coupler. This design also allows quick and individual removal of any row unit, should service be required.

Triple Protection System

Eliminate Down Time

Eliminate down time. Spend more time harvesting and less time on repairs and adjustments. This is the goal of the Triple Protection Slip Clutch System. Each row unit features automatic gathering chain tension adjustment, unique beveled sprockets and a slip clutch with an additional double bearing in every row unit gear box. Enter the field with confidence knowing you have triple protection on your side.

Industry Leading Coverage

Geringhoff offers an industry best comprehensive 12 months parts and labor warranty with all machines. As a bonus, immediately after registering your head with us, we automatically extended your warranty to 24 MONTHS.

For additional peace of mind, add Harvest Guard Extended Coverage to your machine and enjoy coverage up to the 60th MONTH.


Low horsepower draw - Low operating costs - The quietest, smoothest running head in the industry - Direct drive, with PTO coupler, not chain in oil bath - Modular component design for ease of maintenance and long life

Engineered to minimize ear shatter and bounce - Bullet proof aluminum gearboxes - Triple slip clutch protection on each row unit - Shock restriction couplers prevent torque loss between row units - Low profile for superior feeding in down corn - Modular poly snout design does not require sub frame - Spring loaded snouts for superior height control - Easily adjust poly angle without tools - Poly lift assist gas shocks for convenient maintenance and cleaning

The industry’s strongest and most robust gathering chain - 9 lug chains for optimum feeding - 30 second chain removal tool included - Large chain return sprocket for superior feeding and flow - Poly chain return sprocket enhances gathering chain life

Double acting hydraulic deck plates with chromium reinforced leading edge - Easily adjust auger height as field conditions dictate - Variable pitch auger flight to improve crop flow - Large auger trough to accommodate increased yields

Recognized as #1 in yield retention of all corn heads - Ability to accommodate even the toughest down corn conditions - Trash deflector evenly distributes stalk residue through the field - Easily modified to accommodate change in combine brand or model

Annual updates available as new combines are introduced - Hundreds of trained dealers across North America - Factory service technicians located throughout North America - Around the clock harvest season support

Industry leading 2 year limited warranty - Exceptional parts availability throughout North America - Consistently rated as the industry’s highest re-sale - Online and 1-800 service support - Over 130 years of harvest experience - Recognized as the world specialists in corn harvesting headers

Headsight Leveling System

Precise header height control over all types of terrain. At the heart of the Headsight header height control system are flexible poly paddles and reliable electronics. Other systems will dig in to the soil and damage the system when in reverse, but not Headsight. It's design is operator friendly and has been used reliably for decades. 

Sunflower Adaptor

Optional components affordably convert your Geringhoff into an industry leading Sunflower Harvester. Each row receives a cutting knife, ear extensions, and filler plate for maximum yield retention. Add back and side screens to the frame for the ultimate Sunflower harvesting header.

Combine Adaptors

Versatility is important, that's why our combine adaptors allow the Rota Disc to be easily switched between models or brands. Your header's resale value is maximized by being able to adapt to all combines.